Information about the Free Status Certificate

Free Status Certificates are normally requested by those countries hosting a marriage/civil union contract, where one or both of the spouses is/are residents of another country.

The Free Status Certificates issued by the Public Registry, Malta certify that no Act of Marriage/Act of Civil Union, referring to the applicant, has been registered in this Department during a specified period of time. This is completely distinct from stating that the applicant is single.

Free Status Certificates take four working days to complete and are deemed to have a validity period of three months. Due to administrative reasons, Free Status Certificates will be dated 10 days prior to the submission of your application.

Apart from being utilised for marriage/civil union formalities, Free Status Certificates can also be required by persons taking up residence in another country.

The Public Registry (Malta) does not issue a Null’Osta/ No Impediment/ No Objection Certificate. A letter highlighting the fact that the Public Registry cannot issue a Null’Osta/ No Impediment/ No Objection Certificate can be provided.

All the above mentioned documents, which are intended for use abroad, must invariably be authenticated by the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade, which is situated at no.18, St. Zachary Street, Valletta, VLT 1133, Malta.


Free Status certificates cannot be ordered together with other stand-alone Birth, Marriage, Civil Union or Death certificates. If you proceed to the Free Status Certificate application form, any Birth, Marriage, Civil Union or Death certificates which are currently in your cart will be removed.

Follow this link for a sample of the FREE STATUS certificate.

Follow this link to apply for a Free Status Certificate.

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